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We have combined the power of AI, VR, AR, Mixed Reality, Crypto, FIAT Money, etc, to make this world more accessible for our users. Keeping in mind their interests and passions, Metalok, after already entering a virtual sports world, aims to enter the worlds of Fashion, Jewellery, Health, Celebrity Management and a lot more


The Team Token is a blockchain secured token with a cryptocurrency exchange system. SportsVerse acts as a marketplace for cricket fan tokens and similar digital collectibles. Fans can trade on the platform – buy or sell their team tokens as the price fluctuates based on the live performance of the team.
Sportsverse is designed to give fans a gamified experience of the sport while giving them the opportunity to earn as supporters.

Each Team has _____ tokens available which can be purchased through the Metamask wallet.

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Meta Influence

The plan is on creating our own Meta Influencers for Metalok with their own backstories and personalities. They will have a celebrity-like status and will have a large following and influence. They would serve as a great attraction for out Metaverse stadium and also other metaverse projects where we will offer people the chance to have a ‘meet n greet’ session. Further, for our future projects as well we’ll be able to have some use-case for them.