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Metalok is a company paving the way into the Metaverse, run by tech enthusiasts passionate about the futuristic technologies of AI, VR, AR, mixed reality, crypto and blockchain.

Being built on Blockchain technology, Metalok offers its customers a secure platform that can be experienced as an evolution on the internet. Adding Blockchain Technology to Metaverse made decentralization possible in the virtual world as it has the capacity of working globally. NFTs and Cryptocurrencies are used to build, own and monetize decentralized assets in the Metaverse without the involvement of centralized authorities like the government.

The Idea.

Conceived by a team of 4 passionate individuals, Metalok is led by one of the founders Mr. Mohit Goel. Drawing inspiration from the profound Indian culture which speaks about different worlds for different elements like Vayulok, Prithvilok, Pataallok and so on, Metalok is the world of digital. Meta, meaning digital and Lok, meaning World. The company is the manifestation of the founders’ belief of “The future is Digital’.

We are striving to make digital economy accessible and blockchain technology a common integration into the lifestyle of today’s generation through awareness and education via gamified solutions like Metaverse.

We plan to venture into various industries like Fashion, Jewellery, Sports, Live Entertainment and more, creating services that fully enable users to experience the Metaverse.

To contribute and participate in a world powered by digital solutions adding the value of transparency, decentralization and accountability

Smart and effective business solutions.

People with varying expertise have come together to create a platform which provides its users with an experience of a world beyond reality. Its is a team of ambitious, diligent people working towards the same vision

What we do Best.

We have combined the power of AI, VR, AR, Mixed Reality, Crypto, FIAT Money, etc, to make this world more accessible for our users. Keeping in mind their interests and passions, Metalok, after already entering a virtual sports world, aims to enter the worlds of Fashion, Jewellery, Health, Celebrity Management and a lot more

We take pride in our futuristic vision and provide services that complement our vision,

Exceptional Execution

Insight and Analytics

Secure Network

Business Consultation

Strategic Vision

blockchain Solutions

Years of Experience

Our Success.

We experienced the user adoption of our vision firsthand with the launch of the first chapter of our product, Sportsverse- that made a grand entry with the IPL.


Key Highlights

• Under this project, first ICO was launched on 16th May.

• On officially starting live trading, we started with the initial market cap of USD 259000.

• As of 30th May, our tokens were valued at a market cap of USD 697000.

• Peak market cap achieved is USD 911000.

• Our best faring token, Gujarat Sportsverse Cricket (GSVC), at it’s peak was valued at USD 0.000247.

Our Team.

Consisting of a team of highly dedicated and motivated individuals from IIIT and NIFT working together on the concept of blockchains, we here at Metalok have one common vision; that is, to revolutionize the way you experience life. By combining the power of AI, VR, AR, Mixed Reality, Crypto, FIAT Money, etc, we are trying to make this world more accessible and enjoyable.

Mohit Goel


Aanchal Goel


Smitha PM