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Sports Verse

Sportsverse is a gamified world where your favourite sports meet the art of trading.

Meta Influence

See them, hear them, experience them in a Metaworld from beyond.

Temple Dao

Temple Dao a digital decentralized autonomous organization and a form of investor-directed venture capital fund.


Can you imagine the possibility of earning massively along with enjoying a captivating cricket match? Well, you don’t have to imagine it anymore because we have made it into a reality.Founded by Metalok, Sportsverse is a decentralized gaming platform for your favourite sports made to change and enhance the way fans experience them. A team of enthusiastic Technology and Business developers in the field of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have created this version of sports that allows fans to earn money while watching/supporting their favourite team/player. 

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Meta Influence.

The plan is on creating our own Meta Influencers for Metalok with their own backstories and personalities. They will have a celebrity-like status and will have a large following and influence. They would serve as a great attraction for out Metaverse stadium and also other metaverse projects where we will offer people the chance to have a ‘meet n greet’ session. Further, for our future projects as well we’ll be able to have some use-case for them.


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